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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Gratitude about the blog next door

Funny, that I chose to express my gratitude for Meanderings and Reflections over here. When I started M & R, it was a way to relieve my pain. Going through a rough patch, I needed solace and a place where I could let the pent-up emotions spill. I started writing and I wrote only of my pain. I would always pour out my angst and my rants in my blog.

What started like that two years ago has become something vital now. The pain has left but the blog remains and how! I just cannot imagine 176 posts and 100 followers. I am grateful and joyous. The journey has been worthwhile.

At this instance, I would like to thank all my followers and the regular commenters on M & R. They have encouraged, loved, motivated, kindled and enabled me to flower. All of them are one in a million.

Lovely, isn't it. Let us go then you and I . . .

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Writing to the hum of rain outside

It has been long since words nurtured this gratitude blog of mine. Everyday I find serene moments worth of thanksgiving but never jot it down. There is a bombardment of words these days -- my thesis needs me to fill in page after page which exhausts and turns my insides out!

Today, I thought let there be an abundance of words as the rains have come again. It gives a special feeling to be writing my thesis as it's raining outside. I was complaining that this room is quite hot and stuffy and after a few minutes, it started raining. I consider myself special as the Universe listens. It probably wanted to keep me going with my writing and so it began to pour to Cool Me you know.

I can't be more thankful. It's half past 12 at night. The new day has already began. I am glad. I am happy.

A fresh perspective, here I come.

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