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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fruit of the work of my hands


Money cannot buy love


Money cannot buy happiness


I did find happiness when I held my first paycheck in hand.

I earned it.

I am thankful for the money as it paves way for so many things.

Happy Happy.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Strength and Energy

Inspite of loving to travel, certain journeys are not quite welcome to me. But I am grateful that I have the strength and energy to climb up and down into buses and trains. I can sustain the whole night's journey with little or barely no sleep. And I can manage it all alone. Isn't that a reason enough to be filled with gratitude and joy.

Small mercies have to be coaxed from within.

As I give thanks, I am silently imploring for contentment, joy and peace always.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

When trials teach

Writing gratitude for repeated failings is not an easy task but still I strive. I don't know how to keep the spirit going except by feeling that "All is for the good." The past weeks have seen me correcting, writing and re-correcting my drafts. I know I am being fine-tuned by my Supervisor but sometimes it just seems cumbersome.

For the first time, I am venturing to be thankful for what is to come. I know all shall be well. If I am not reprimanded now, then opportunities might not come that easily. Better now.

So here I am, being thankful for the corrections and shortcomings. I shall move beyond everything.

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