Its never too late to . . .

Monday, 24 August 2009

My sister Lydi

I cannot be more grateful for having a sibling as Lydi. Even though our existence is punctuated with a lot of squabbles and quarrels, we share a very lovely relationship. Maybe lovely is too grandiose a word but then that's the word that comes to my mind first. She is there when I need to cry, to laugh and to introspect. I don't bare every single thing to her but whatever I do share, I know that she will listen and offer pragmatic insights. She stands in direct contrast with me, the romantic. But then, all of us have shades of different personality types which surface at different times. I thank the sacred for giving me someone as Lydi.

Friday, 21 August 2009


Today was a calm day where nothing 'big' or 'small' happened. I woke up late after what seemed ages. Had a late breakfast and waited for someone to come home. The lunch was another leisurely act. Breakfast and lunch was punctuated by a session of channel surfing; For a change, I even watched a bit of telly for a sustained period of ten minutes. I am grateful that today was not one of those hurried days where eating is for the sake of eating and resting is just a name's sake affair. A relaxed pace and restful hours marked my day today. I am glad for that.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A not-very-nice day at the bank

The morning started off well and I wanted that to sustain but then . . . I had a cheque with me and so had to go to the bank to encash the same. BUT it was not that easy. The signatures were not matching, the manager was hassled and I all the while was silently hoping and praying that I should not leave the bank without the cash for I had a lot of bills to be settled (not mine). The cheque made a few rounds before finally the seal 'Pay Cash' was stamped on it. What relief! I am truly grateful that I was able to leave the bank with the cash and not have wasted another day running around with the cheque and no money.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Waking up to the Sun

Yesterday's rains had left the spirit damp and the body lethargic. Rain has the wonderful quality of adding laziness to the already lazy persona. I am grateful that the sun has come up today and I can hear the birds and the squirrels run about. Yesterday all these sounds were missing. Rains can be a great in fantasy but in reality they can never match the imagination. They are a poor rendition of the imagined. I hope that many would agree with me on this.

Here comes the sun, there goes the rain . . .

Monday, 17 August 2009

A nice walk with Radio FM for company

well, i treasure my walks. they are something i look forward to. but alas! time is the constraint and i never get to walk much. today was the second day i managed to walk for one full hour listening to radio fm and swinging my arms away merrily. being out in the open is something that gets me refreshed and alive. i am happy that i made it today. sometimes it seems that being 'busy' is a choice that we make and if we really want to we can set apart time for doing the things we'd rather be doing. today was one such day. a free evening where i could just walk, hop, sing aloud and talk to the dogs on the way. and naturally being able to get an hour today makes me grateful, for tomorrow i do not know whether it shall happen.

so long.

Should I be thankful for this?

I honestly do not know whether I should jot this down. It seems selfish in a way but I am definitely grateful for this. Swine flu has touched base in my College. The College has closed down till the 27th of August. Fear pervades all minds. That my mind is without fear and that I am sitting cosy at home is something I am happy and thankful for this morning.

Life gives us mundane reasons to be grateful for but do we acknowledge them?

The reason is you

Long ago, my friend and I started a gratitude journal where we used to pen down all the aspects we were grateful for in our life. We were not very regular with it but then the journal provided us the time to mull and jot down the various things in our life that we were happy for and sometimes take for granted.

This blog is something like that. I want to take time on an everyday basis and jot down something I am grateful for each day. Now I wonder about filling the page everyday but then does not life offer us ample opportunities to do you.

Let me start with this today: I am grateful that I am able to write.

More to come.

I am what I am because of life's myriad gifts to me and I am truly grateful for every single thing.