Its never too late to . . .

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The weather now . . .

The last post was about feeling under the weather but today am feeling on top of the world, rather. I am so grateful for the lovely weather. Its a relief to feel the chilly breeze and the balmy air. Finally we have respite from the heat and sweat of the summer season. The seasons, their cycles never fail to amuse and amaze me.

I am so happy for winter is here and I am grateful to be able to feel and experience it.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Under the weather

I came back home this morning after a hectic two day field work for my research. I am so glad for the home I have where I can return after a tired and excruciating journey. I arrived here sore, drained and with fever. I have been lying down the whole day and my lovely sister is taking so much care of me. I cannot tell this to her because we all presume its natural to be taken care of while we are sick but then I am filled with gratitude as she heats the water at regular intervals, massages my back and makes food for me. My mom, who is a working woman has entrusted me with my sister till she comes back home. I am indeed blessed to have people like my sis and mom to sustain and care.

Home is a place of comfort, nourishment and security and for me its the most vital part of my survival.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Sometimes we know that doing certain things are not very good for you. But yet we do it on various pretexts like emotional attachment, impulsiveness, boredom, etc. I am no different. I tend to do certain things but then eventually realise that I should not have done them. 

But then there are the signs which at every point tell us that we ought to steer clear of things that bring us down. Today this post is written in gratitude to the signs that are given to me at every point of my life. I am glad that I am not immune to these signs which never cease to warn me. I thank my Lord for these signs through which he speaks to me - they are either by his words, people, incidents and instincts.

I wonder what I would be doing without these signs which so wonderfully lead me in unsure times.

Monday, 9 November 2009


I admit its difficult to find titles for the blog posts which expresses my gratefulness for life's numerous acts of kindness. The title for today's post is again from the heart. Today I am thinking of various people without whom life's daily passage would be incomplete.

The man who presses my clothes
The vegetable-seller
The people who collect our garbage
The woman who helps us at home with the clothes
The milk-seller
The lady who sells fruits
The people from the electricity, civil department who attend to whenever we call
The newspaper boy

All these people carry on with the tasks assigned to them and most of the times we take them for granted but only when they don't come, we realise how indispensable they are to us and our smooth living. When these people help us in the fringes, we can carry on with life gladly. I am glad that they are there for us.

Friday, 6 November 2009

For the song . . .

In one of the blogs I'd visited, I came across the song 'You needed me,' and immediately went to Youtube to listen to the version of Anne Murray. To my surprise I had known this song from a very long time but did not know the lyrics nor the history behind the song. When I listened to the song, there was a vague stirring within me. The song touches the innermost being and gives an assurance that is unparalleled.

The song writer Randy Goodrum says of this song:

"It was sort of an unconditional undeserved love. How could you love me as if I'm perfect, when I'm not? It was a disclaimer, sort of, for the other person. How could you need me? It's not exactly the same premise as 'I wouldn't belong to a club who'd have me as a member,' but it's a small sliver of unconditional love, which to me is a broad piece of pizza that you can take a lot of minute slivers from along the way. I've always thought that songs, even positive songs, needed to have a certain amount of shadow in them for the light to be significant. And I think too many songwriters are afraid to offend the world, and they never write anything dramatic. They never put anything negative. But to me, you can have negative in a song, as long as there's a ray of hope somewhere. Maybe a way out. Not a saccharine, syrupy way out. It's like in a movie where you see somebody locked in a cave, and suddenly they see a rock fall away and they see a little piece of light come in, they say, 'Ah, maybe if I work really hard I can get out that way.'"

Unconditional love is something that all of us strive for. This song just talks about that. I guess no one can give this sort of an assurance except for god who seems to be there always.

I am grateful for the person who wrote about this song in the blog.
I am grateful that I have someone to believe in who shall not let me down.