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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

09 April 2013

I have a long list today. Let me see where this leads.

* For the first round of interview which was super duper. I'm grateful and happy.
* For the enjoyable walk to the Post-office a few minutes ago.
* For S who makes my life easier.
* For the letters and cards that I received last week.
* For G who called out my name as I walking to the PO today. I was happy to hear my name being called out in a still unfamiliar campus.
* For the lovely breeze that cooled me while I was cooking this morning.
* For the energy and vitality of CBC that keeps me engaged.
* For an unexpected chat with S and R from Mumbai
* For the joys and smiles
* For the hugs and kisses

Image: Karthik Pasupathi