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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Thanks for standing by me

November to August gave me sleepless nights and unstable emotional fluctuations. I sailed through them but I could not have if some of these people weren't there. Mind you, this support was not only from friends whom I knew well but they were also from my many online friends who in spite of not having met me took time for me. These lovely people spent their most precious asset on me - TIME. I am so glad that the sacred enabled me to know these people both real time and online. They gave me the courage to go on, stand up and above all -BELIEVE in myself.

The dear ones who  went through the  path with me. I wouldn't know  how I would have managed without you:
Brother Francline 
My sister Lydi

My online friends who were strangers to me but at the same time knew how to comfort, sustain and give courage:


  1. Thank you Susan for coming to visit me in my Parched Paper and the Quill and for following.

    It's amazing how online social networking can set the difference to those whom we are intellectually, spiritually and mentally aligned. Our values, beliefs, emotions are no different at all.

    Sometimes, I find people on the internet more sensitive to our silent pain than the ones I know in person.

  2. Friendship is an amazing thing. I had been through the worst year of my life this year [and it's not over yet]. My mother, a very young woman [57 years old], full of life and energy, suffered a stroke which practically left her paralyzed. Today, she has rehabilitated partly [she still can't use her right arm at all, she limps, and her vocabulary is minimal].
    Being an only child, all the burden was on me and my dad - we had to reorganize our whole lives around my mother's new condition. It was a big trauma, and I still have to cope with it. I am positive that I would have collapsed if it were not for all the support I get from my feminist activist friends. They are there for me 24 hours a day, providing emotional support, as well as practical help. We women have to be strong, sometimes even "superwomen" - to cope with all the difficult stuff life throws at us - and also be strong for our weak men. But sometimes we also want to feel weak, just to collapse in the arms of a friend and cry. I am lucky to have real friends on whose shoulders I can collapse and be weak - and they are there to carry me for as long as is needed.

  3. I wish the best for your mother Khulud. I know that friends stand by you in dire straits. I went through a very bad phase and it was my friends who enabled me to go on and stay sane. You rightly said that sometimes we need to feel weak and collapse. It makes us feel real and human. I am glad for the friends you have.

  4. The very friends (husband and wife, our former church minister) who stood by us in our 'dire straits'- the husband has just died. The news still shocked us though in his condition the eventual natural termination of his life was already expected only time was the waiting factor. This is yet another phase of our life we have to deal with being this couple were the very first minister who truly showed and gave spiritual parenting love to us especially to my children whom I raised alone.

    Our sorrow cannot recompense the great deed they did for us. We are going to travel to reach out to the widow to console her in time of her bereavement. Funeral will be tomorrow. I wish there is more we can do for the widow.