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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The rains are here again

They always come unexpected. Our monsoon is usually during October-November but they always surprise us. This untimely arrival makes us happy and happier.

Sometimes unexpected wonders make us so grateful.

There you come again and cool my senses.

I am happy for the windows which show me wonderful pictures when it rains outside.

I can smell the earth now as I am typing this note of thanks.

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  1. Monsoon even affects our sensex...cools the mind of brokers too!!!

  2. I like this blog, beautiful, Gratitude rocks ;)

  3. Jon:

    Thanks for coming by here as well. Appreciate your visit. The monsoon weaves magic but when in Chennai, being in the house helps. If one is brave to venture outside then monsoons will become one's nightmare.

    Joy always :)


    Thanks for coming by here. Words as yours encourage me to continue writing.

    Joy always.

  4. I love it when it rains, too. It's such a lovely feeling to sit and listen to it pitter patter outside, clean your windows, and wash all the evil out of the sky! What a lovely thing to be grateful for!


  5. right now as I's raining...and it feels so comforting...your post is beautiful and like the rain....comforting

  6. Dear Nevine:

    There should be something in which we don't agree upon. It's wonderful knowing that many lines in our being intersect.
    Joy and peace to you always.

    Dear Sarah:

    Wow! Rain is strangely comforting. Another thing about rain is that whatever we feel inside, it intensifies that. So I reckon you are feeling wonderful. I am happy for that.

    Joy and peace always.