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Friday, 11 January 2013

11 Jan. 2013

My first post in this brand new year! The last year was wonderful in many ways and I hope this year will also be better than the last year.

The word that I want to remember this year is 'aware.' I would like to be aware of my actions, words, thoughts and inner health. I'm grateful to Galen Pearl for sowing the seed of having a word for the year.

As always, the list of gratitude is a never-ending one. Today I am grateful for:

* The early waking. I seem to have earned an extra hour or so
* The lovely place where we live. It's wholesome in many ways
* Money - the fruit of the work of our hands
* People who appreciate the finer aspects. They have taken time to notice
* Hands - for always enabling something
* A full fridge - makes me feel overwhelmed
* Smiles - received and given
* Hugs - it always lights up my being
* Conversations - for helping me to assess myself
* Being alive - to witness another year and many moments

Joy always :)

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  1. Am a lil late here.. But better late than never :)
    A happy new year to you Susan. May you always encounter those smiles, hugs, people, money, conversations and all other things that make you happy and gratitude... Cheers! :)

    1. Thanks dear Arun :) You are my only reader here, I reckon so triple thanks.