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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

09 April 2013

I have a long list today. Let me see where this leads.

* For the first round of interview which was super duper. I'm grateful and happy.
* For the enjoyable walk to the Post-office a few minutes ago.
* For S who makes my life easier.
* For the letters and cards that I received last week.
* For G who called out my name as I walking to the PO today. I was happy to hear my name being called out in a still unfamiliar campus.
* For the lovely breeze that cooled me while I was cooking this morning.
* For the energy and vitality of CBC that keeps me engaged.
* For an unexpected chat with S and R from Mumbai
* For the joys and smiles
* For the hugs and kisses

Image: Karthik Pasupathi


  1. I love what you have wrote here! Gratefulness is a magical thing, Susan! It is the doorway to happiness that not many people can find it. You, my friend are sitting right in the middle of it! Wonderful!


    1. Dear Silver, so very happy to see you here. Lots of love.

  2. OWOWSusan, it's so cute here..... lukking at these pix...reading all the wonderful posts.... it's amazing!!! Thanx for 1c again reminding me so many things we can be thankful 4!!!
    Keep smiling!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, dear Sunny. Without gratitude we seem to lose out on something :)