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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Finally . . .

After a lot of meanderings and U-turns, I will be submitting my thesis this summer. This would not have been possible without many who stood by me and supported me. I thank all of them and am glad that they are around.

Working hard and glad that i am at it.

Joy and more joy.

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  1. Oh Susan this is wonderful news!
    Just hang on that last mile - which is the most difficult! But I do promise that the moment you submit it, you'll feel such relief. It's like being pregnant - that last month is so cumbersome and u just want it to be over, but the minute it's over, there is great joy and relief.
    that's at least what I've been through.
    I have really funny stories from my last month of "thesising" - I threw out my dad from my my apartment, managed to have one of my worst fights with my partner over what kind of vegetables to put in the salad, was grouchy and snappy at everyone who came my way, I mean I had MURDER in my eyes. During the last week, when all I lacked was a few touch ups, the introduction and the abstract, I almost gave up on the whole thing, saying "who needs this degree anyway?!" and I just wanted to crawl inside a seashell and stay there. The last night was spent on proofreading - and of course I didn't sleep and went to University to print it - walking like a zombie, but I MADE IT.
    After that - I had a lot of apologizing to do and was lucky that everyone forgave me...
    I wish you have an easy "birth"!!!


  2. Dear Khulud:

    Even I liken my thesis to pregnancy. The last phase is particularly demanding. Sometimes it seems that I am struggling and wishing that it would end soon. I am feeling all those things that you have mentioned. I am so glad that you had completed it well. Congrats. For woman managing so many things is sometimes overwhelming.

    I wish I have an "easy birth." Thanks for your fondest wishes and thoughts. I value them immensely.

    Joy always Khulud.

  3. Thanks dear Sarah. keep praying.

    Joy and peace,

  4. Congratulations, Susan! May I ask what is the
    subject of your thesis? That takes a lot of

  5. Dear Cynthia:

    My topic is transgenders. A very conflict-ridden one that.

    Joy always,

  6. Wow. Yes, that is a conflict-ridden topic.
    However, an very interesting one.

  7. Thanks for the nice words Cynthia. Please do wish well for me and that I should submit in July without any glitch.

  8. I certainly wish you well Susan, that everything
    concerning your thesis goes smoothly.