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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

When there seems no way out, miracles happen

It's unbelievable that the events happening in my life so far are with a BANG. The past week was quite a tension filled one with an assortment of issues. Our impending travel to a different country was all rosy but the process involved seemed mammoth. I can't be grateful enough to my god for his grace and assurance.

Finally all is well and we are flying soon.

It's so easy to feel threatened by the situation around us. Like Peter many times I look all around when all I need to do is look at him and be assured.

Passing everyday is a miracle. I am so glad that faith keeps me going. What I would do without you.

I am truly grateful for all of them who gave me the good courage and told me that they will remember me in their prayers. Their words reverberate as I write this post. There have been many people who did different things for me so that I can have a truly smooth sailing. Thanks from the depths  of my being.

Be still and know that I am god.

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  1. Welcome honey!
    Great post- Hope you have a nice sailing!

  2. Oh! Great, finally the clouds have cleared and you are going to be flying through the clear sky...:) My Best Wishes to you, my dearest friend... and I am sooooooooooo happy for you..
    This is the first good news I was talking about.... remember.... two more to go...:);)

    Love you

  3. keep feeling good. You deserve it...Sarah

  4. Thank you for this faith-filled post Susan.
    Yes, I find that is most best: to be still,
    quiet the mind and find the peace within.