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Friday, 6 November 2009

For the song . . .

In one of the blogs I'd visited, I came across the song 'You needed me,' and immediately went to Youtube to listen to the version of Anne Murray. To my surprise I had known this song from a very long time but did not know the lyrics nor the history behind the song. When I listened to the song, there was a vague stirring within me. The song touches the innermost being and gives an assurance that is unparalleled.

The song writer Randy Goodrum says of this song:

"It was sort of an unconditional undeserved love. How could you love me as if I'm perfect, when I'm not? It was a disclaimer, sort of, for the other person. How could you need me? It's not exactly the same premise as 'I wouldn't belong to a club who'd have me as a member,' but it's a small sliver of unconditional love, which to me is a broad piece of pizza that you can take a lot of minute slivers from along the way. I've always thought that songs, even positive songs, needed to have a certain amount of shadow in them for the light to be significant. And I think too many songwriters are afraid to offend the world, and they never write anything dramatic. They never put anything negative. But to me, you can have negative in a song, as long as there's a ray of hope somewhere. Maybe a way out. Not a saccharine, syrupy way out. It's like in a movie where you see somebody locked in a cave, and suddenly they see a rock fall away and they see a little piece of light come in, they say, 'Ah, maybe if I work really hard I can get out that way.'"

Unconditional love is something that all of us strive for. This song just talks about that. I guess no one can give this sort of an assurance except for god who seems to be there always.

I am grateful for the person who wrote about this song in the blog.
I am grateful that I have someone to believe in who shall not let me down.


  1. one of my all time favorite songs! love the lyrics - a message there for us all - well, especially some of us! :)

    thanks for bringing it back from yesteryear!

    beautiful post - peace - jenean

  2. How nice of you to visit this blog Jenean. I always got your spelling wrong!

    Great day ahead.