Its never too late to . . .

Monday, 16 November 2009


Sometimes we know that doing certain things are not very good for you. But yet we do it on various pretexts like emotional attachment, impulsiveness, boredom, etc. I am no different. I tend to do certain things but then eventually realise that I should not have done them. 

But then there are the signs which at every point tell us that we ought to steer clear of things that bring us down. Today this post is written in gratitude to the signs that are given to me at every point of my life. I am glad that I am not immune to these signs which never cease to warn me. I thank my Lord for these signs through which he speaks to me - they are either by his words, people, incidents and instincts.

I wonder what I would be doing without these signs which so wonderfully lead me in unsure times.


  1. Oh, yes. Those instincts. I can't tall you how many times they've saved me... literally! Once again, I'll be coming here to visit, Susan. You have me captivated by your words!


  2. Ah...may our ears be tuned to the Good Shepherd. May we be quick to listen and quick to turn and follow Him. Blessings Susan!

  3. Nevine: How nice of you to drop by here as well. Instincts are there within everyone but only few pause to listen to it.

    Susan: Thanks for the visit and the inspiring words.

    Joy always.

  4. The only signs I welcome most is the sign of the Lord's kindness and goodness through the people I know and meet who offer me such without expecting.

    As to emotional attachment, I am very good at that. I prefer to express it in a positive way than in a negative way.

    But I do am emotionally attached to my cats and kittens that losing them makes me cry forever.

    Now I am thankful that one of my friends who owned one of my kittens let me have her back with three addition to look after for.

    I was very sad that my loved pet was not being taken cared of properly. I will be most delighted to nurse them back to health.

    Great to be reading your posts. I most enjoy them. :)

  5. Bonnie: Nice that your signs are the Lor's kindness and goodness. they nevr ever fail.

    Be happy and content.

    Joy always,