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Monday, 9 November 2009


I admit its difficult to find titles for the blog posts which expresses my gratefulness for life's numerous acts of kindness. The title for today's post is again from the heart. Today I am thinking of various people without whom life's daily passage would be incomplete.

The man who presses my clothes
The vegetable-seller
The people who collect our garbage
The woman who helps us at home with the clothes
The milk-seller
The lady who sells fruits
The people from the electricity, civil department who attend to whenever we call
The newspaper boy

All these people carry on with the tasks assigned to them and most of the times we take them for granted but only when they don't come, we realise how indispensable they are to us and our smooth living. When these people help us in the fringes, we can carry on with life gladly. I am glad that they are there for us.

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