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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Knowledge . . .

You know sometimes I come across people who say: "I wish I knew how to read and write . . ." It saddens me that they are deprived of the most important aspect that liberates - The ability to read and write. Today I am thankful that I am in a position to read, write and also think. Certain things in life are taken so much for granted that seldom we pause to think that we would be different individuals if we did not have the priveleges we so enjoy. Stopping by to relish and be grateful makes life worth living.


  1. I met lots of these less privileged people who regretted not being able to read and write. However, by lacking so did not actually deter their pursuit of becoming successful in running a business. Their quick and smart thinking was what recompensed for the other aspect of knowledge they lacked. Great thought of gratitude for me to read today. :)

  2. Dear Bonnie:
    How well you have written the truth of life. We can always substitute the lack of something with something else.

    Thanks for the kind words, dear one.

    Joy always :-)

  3. When I read this, at first I thought that if didn't have the ability to read and write... then how would I live my life? Reading and writing are at the core of my life, all I do revolves around being able to read, write, analyze, think, criticize.

    But on second thought - I'm sure just like Bonnie said - that I would have found other ways to compensate for this. I know many older women who can't read or write, but the knowledge they carry around with them is worth a treasure.
    Their world is not that different from mine, and yet it is a world of difference...
    They carry their oral narrative herstories in their minds, they have their own logic and analitycal skills. They are different from mine, but no less valuable and no less valid.
    I envy them sometimes, for living in a world where the concept of time is different. They are in no hurry to read the latest reports or research on an issue. Unlike me. I'm always chasing something, a new book, the latest research or report... and it's a never ending chase.

  4. Khulud, its a long time since you came by. Hope you are relatively free now. Hmmmm. The wisdom and grace that is the epitome of older people is sure to be envied.

    As you rightly mentioned, we are always in a hurry for an assortment of things but don't you think in spite of all these we can possess an inner calm and serenity.

    Joy always dear Khulud.

  5. Hello Susan, I love this gratitude blog! That is something that I try to pause for each and everyday. I am thankful for each day the Lord wakes me up and then one by one, I count my blessings. I love the little blessings more and more. Starting with the ability to pray in public anytime I feel like it. I love this post because I am a writer at heart, working on 2 books and I'm a BIG lover of books. Have one everywhere I go; car, work, doctor's office, cafes, etc...

    I will be hanging out here a lot!
    Love, peace and blessings

    PS wishing you a very Happy Holiday!
    Free Spirit!

  6. Dear Butterfly:

    Thanks for dropping by here. Yes, the Lord has been gracious towards us in all the ways. Thanks for your kind words. Your visits here will be much appreciated and cherished.

    Joy always, dear Butterfly,

  7. We live like kings and queens compared to a large percentage of the world's population.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Nice to meet you!

  8. Thanks for coming by here Scott. Its lovely meeting you too.