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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Last day of Jan 2010

It feels wonderful to think about the passing January. I know that I have had many resolutions gone awry but in spite of that it feels great to have been alive, healthy, warm, friendly and useful. I realise that I continue falling down but then I rise to know that I keep falling over and over. But I also know that I fall to rise again - with renewed energy and vitality. This month saw me meeting different people from many parts of the world and connecting to them. More than anything else, the human connection goes beyond any cultural conditioning.

I am quite happy with the way my work is progressing - slow and steady and I am burning with a zeal to overtake my present time limits when it comes to reading and writing on my thesis. The very desire fills me with a positivity of moving forward. I am glad and grateful for that.

When times were tiring, I am glad that I found sustainability in the word. I know that come what may, my God will always be there for me. I am filled with happiness and gratitude when I realise this power.

Many blogs have comforted, encouraged and sustained me when I needed something to make the race worthwhile.

I look forward to February and anticipate lovelier aspects. Here I come . . .

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