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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Today's due

The year began on a lovely note. I have many things to be grateful for:

1. Today I am glad that I was able to go to church and listen to the word. It nourished, encouraged and stimulated me to look forward to a victorious life.

2. I was able to take some decisions for the coming days.

3. For the ability to see my weakness and not allowing it to drain me but enabling me to improve on them.

4. For a stimulating talk about my thesis with my closest friend.

5. For the ideas that crop during lazing hours.

6. Arranging a talk on cinema with an eminent person who is only known to me as 'Chaks' sans the glory and glitz.

7. For the workshop on 9th which went on well and left us breathless with the response received.

8. The songs which give me a vision and allow me to feel that nothing is impossible.

9. For the message 'we are more than conquerors.'


  1. oh, what wonderfully beautiful things for which to be grateful - you are lucky indeed - i particularly love #'s 8 & 9 - songs which give you vision and to feel nothing is impossible - and that, we are, indeed MORE than conquerors -

    beautiful post! please come by when you can! and have a glorious week, lady!

  2. This is a habit I am cultivating... this daily gratitude.

    I do it before lights out... It makes the moment of resting my head very worthwhile.

  3. Dear Jenean:

    Thanks for coming by over here.

    I shall be sure to visit your place. How can I not come where I feel absolutely thrilled.

    Joy always.

  4. Dear Claire:

    Thanks for coming by. I appreciate the following. Came over to your place as well and what nice pictures you have got!

    Yes, gratitude does feel worthwhile at the end of the day.

    Joy always,