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Sunday, 1 August 2010

A glowing 80th :)

On 13th March, I had blogged about how my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and was fighting a battle. Many of your comments in the form of prayers, best wishes and encouragement was lovely. I was touched and grateful for all your words.

Now after four months, the medicines are working well and he is fine. On the 30th we celebrated his 80th and how joyful were we in that ocassion!

Sometimes miracles happen. Rather, it always happens. We only have to keep our eyes open.

Our entire family was broken when we got the news of his cancer and how faithless we were. We only thought of death and all that. But then he has lived through it and how! Hale and healthy to see the 80th on the 30th.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you who wished me well. The higher power looks and never disappoints :)


  1. First time over, from Sam (the poet). Your blog as it relates to gratitude struck a chord with me. I will be back.


  2. this is so awesome Susan...Sarah

  3. Dear Pearl:

    I am happy that you stumbled here. Thanks for your kind words and the following. I soon shall visit you.

    Gratitude is what makes us glow :)

    Joy always


    Thanks for the prayers. Love you :)