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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Only grace

Many things today prompted me to think about how life is a gift and one needs to treasure it. Time seems to be fleeting and being alive is a blessing.

Sometimes when motivating oneself becomes  slightly mundane and colourless, the higher power always plods me on. 

There are times when I want something so desperately but then I know it is not for me. Letting go is difficult but not impossible.

Reassured promises and loving sweet-nothings are lovely to hear when unexpected and I am thankful for such wonderful surprises.

Life goes on and gets even better with gratitude.

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  1. what a beautiful post, dear susan! and so meaningful to me especially on this the date of another birthday! and of grace, my heart sings!

  2. Dear Jenean:

    Thanks for your kind words :) As you celebrate another birthday, I wish you everything that is lovely and beautiful.
    I feel happy whenever you come by.

    Joy always :)

  3. Life is full of unexpected treasures and sorrow, yet every minute counts, I like your take on it, it's very special

  4. It is indeed Lorraine. I wonder where I would be without my faith and my god!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Joy always :)

  5. ahhh...loving sweet-nothings ... I long
    to hear those sugar words again.

  6. Cynthia:

    It shall soon come to pass :)