Its never too late to . . .

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thankful for . . .

Today after a long long time I did some yoga. I have been postponing this for long. I felt like it and so just DID IT.

And for a greater part of the day, I just relaxed to two movies: flipping channels when one had a break. It was fun and less demanding than the thesis writing.

Just a bit of the writing is left. I am glad that it ending slowly but surely.


  1. I am a HUGE proponent of yoga!

    And the writing? Good for you!


  2. Dear Pearl:

    Mt schedules are very erratic and so any form of physical activity is getting a second-hand treatment which is not quite fine with my frame. I am learning to manage. Let's hope.

    Thanks for coming by :)

    Joy always :)

  3. Stick with it, Susan. A daunting task, no doubt. But you will surely reap the rewards when you are finished. And yoga... how relaxing! There is nothing better... followed by films. Yes, that is how it should be when we need that break. Just right! ;-)

    I've missed you.


  4. I've missed you back dear Nevine. How happy I am to have you in the rounds again.

    Much love and big hugs :)

  5. sounds like an easy relaxing day...funny how we have to push ourselves to do those things that feel really good.

  6. True Sarah. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about pleasure!!!

    Joy always :)

  7. I always mean to take yoga...small steps...good foryou :)

  8. Small steps, yes. Hope you are doing great, Lorraine.

    Joy and peace :)

  9. The movies are more my speed :-)

  10. Thanks for coming by Ron. Blessings and joy :)

  11. I admire your determination in writing
    this thesis.

    Yoga is relaxing. Just discovering that
    this year.

  12. Cynthia:

    It is wearisome. I look up to the Heavens for motivation and strength.

    How nice to see you visit this wee place :)

    Joy always.

  13. I am angry at myself for not doing yoga sooner. I am in my 40's and I wish I would have started when I was much younger.

  14. Rosey:

    Welcome. There is no age to do anything. I am glad that you found yoga and am sure that you are enjoying it.

    Life gives us the things when we just need them the most:)

    Have a lovely weekend.