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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ah, whatte feeling!

The past few days have given me so much to be grateful for and if I don't record them, I will never record them.

~ for L sir who helped us when we were in dire need of a cylinder to cook our food. 
~ for NS sir who helps me with direction in reading the right books
~ for M who continues being there whenever things go unmanageable
~ for the programme on the 24th which went on well. 
~ for Sunday and Monday nights when electricity did not get cut during the night. We slept well and woke up afresh :)
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  1. haah, being grateful and showing gratitude for simple things in life makes it more meaningful; and it brings so much of happiness... Awesome Susan... :)

    1. Thanks for coming by Anand and lighting up this page.

      Joy always :)

  2. wonderful, beautiful, simple things to show thankfulness. simple things in life can be great reasons for being grateful, too.

    loved this post, dear susan.

    big hugs@

    1. Big hugs back at you, dear Betty.

      Everything is a reason to be filled with gratitude.